About Us

Fori Mazdoori is a worker welfare system designed to transform how a person finds work. We bridge the gap between an employer and a worker by providing an easy to use online system for searching and hiring everyday workers such as drivers, maids, electricians, and plumbers, among a host of similar blue-collar / non-formal professions.









Fori Mazdoori also has a strong social aspect as it plans to change the lives of millions of workers who are not technology literate. We help them reap the benefits of social media without the need of knowhow or access to technology.

Our team

Musstanser Tinauli

Founder & CEO

Dr. Musstanser Tinauli is an innovationist committed to the idea of creating sustainable, smarter and safer Cities/Communities. He is also among the pioneers of IoT. He believes in slow change in a bottom up way. Dr. Tinauli has been recipient of two prestigious fellowships including IBM PhD Fellowship & Roberto Rocca Fellowship for his research at MIT. Some of Dr. Tinauli’s work has been featured in international media including BBC, Discovery Channel and CNN, published in international conferences and journals, and has been exhibited on outstanding locations such a London museum, Seattle Public Library and Architectural League of New York. He is also a great motivational speaker and a workshop conductor.